Carrying boxes

This game is totally meaningless.
Just a meaningless game of Carrying boxes over and over again.

So… How is this game supposed to be super duper FUN??
WTH?!?! Why is this so eye-catching?? So addictive??

[How to play]

1. Box is Gold. Deliver more, get more!

2. Gold makes your stickmen work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

3. Upgrade skills, deliver more boxes, and CHA-CHING!

4. Well… That's it! Just do it ∞

5. Why am I wasting my time by playing this game…?

6. I just noticed that I am actually enjoying this game…

Watch! Your stickmen can automatically carry the boxes from the left to the right.

Touch! If you feel sorry for your workers, you carry the box by yourself. Get gold faster!

Fever pitch! Gold gathers more and faster in a Dance Time!

Unnoticeably tiny game size. Download and check it out.