Cat VS Nightmares | Xbox One

Cat VS Nightmares
Xbox One

In a small provincial town, an ordinary schoolgirl Chloe lived. She was in 8th grade and had a cat. But a severe accident changed everything, and Chloe fell into a coma. Nightmares captured the girl’s mind. Only a real hero can get her out of the dream world. Cat Vasily.

Unique Selling Points (USP):
nice graphics, decorated in black and white;
dynamic arcade with stealth elements;
3 types of enemies: warrior, shooter and mage;
2 endings.

Concept: the more you collect soul shards, the stronger the enemies become. However, it is important to collect souls so as not to get a bad ending. 

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A patch will be released soon, if you notice critical bugs, write in the comments, thanks.