Catastrophe Clingers | Xbox One

Catastrophe Clingers
Xbox One

In this wacky 3D physics-based game, an old lady who lives in an earthquake-prone neighborhood must keep her house from falling apart. The only tool she has is a staple gun that shoots out clingy cats. Fortify and repair the house by using cats.

Made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020. The theme was: "REPAIR".

Here is the game's Global Game Jam page.


ActionControlWalkArrow Keys or WASD keys
JumpSpacebarFire a Cat
Left Mouse Button
  • The cats act like large staples, clinging onto whatever pieces of the building (or other cats) that their paws grab onto, holding them together and helping to stabilize them.
  • The cats are very tickley and sensitive. Touching them or stepping on them will make them go berserk and let go.

Andrew C. Wang (@andyman404): Programming, Design, Modeling
Miles Gordon (@_mired): SFX, Music, Modeling, Amazing Cat Paintings

Third-Party Assets:
Nail Sound: natemarler @ freesound: nail_gun.wav
Londrina Font: by Marcelo Magalhães Pereira, 100% Free License