Cathedral Calamity | Xbox One

Cathedral Calamity
Xbox One

Cathedral Calamity is a short game based on the children's game Hide & Seek.  This version of Hide & Seek involves two players; each with separate goals and abilities.

The Seeker

Locates and retrieves the seven fragments scattered around the map and avoid coming into contact with the Hunter.

The Seeker is able to activate a stealth mode that hide their path from the Hunter.

If the Hunter gets too close, the Seeker’s shape will fade away as an added measure of their protection.

The Hunter

Hunts down and tags the Seeker before they can retrieve all seven fragments.  

The Hunter can use their far-reaching lunge attack to quickly close the distance between them and the Seeker.

If the Seeker is directly ahead of the Hunter, then the Hunter will be alerted.

Partial Controller Support 

This game is compatible with the following controllers: 

  • Xbox One  
  • Xbox 360


Made for MICA 2D Game Design course by Mark Kershaw, Liam Wiley, and Samuel Hudgins