Caveman (Commodore PET) | Xbox One

Caveman (Commodore PET)
Xbox One

Written in 6502 in Kickassembler for the Commodore PET this is a port of the tabletop game from the 1980s, which was released under several brand names.  Steal the eggs and fill your cave!


  • Left/Right  = move (A+D or 4+6 or ,+/  or cursors)
  • Fire = throw axe (space)
  • Move far left to store egg
  • Move far right to steal egg

Requires Commodore PET 2001/3000x/4000x with at least 16KB RAM or an emulator like VICE.  Can also be played here (select 16KB model then drag .prg file onto screen:

This is the third game to use my (primitive) cross-platform engine that I've codenamed Lionel (no prize for the first person to work out the connection). This engine allows you to build character-based games for C64, C16, Plus/4, VIC20 and PET machines from a single code base just by changing one flag. Video, sound, random number generation, input etc. is all handled by the library, so the game code just needs to call a routine or macro and (mostly) doesn't need to know which system it's running on.

Source code:

  • Code - Nick Sherman (madbeagle)
  • GFX - Nick Sherman (madbeagle)