Champion of the Raj
Xbox One

Champion of the Raj is a turn-based strategy video game developed by Level 9 Computing and published by Personal Software Services. It was released exclusively in the United Kingdom for the Amiga, Atari ST and systems running DOS in 1991. It is the thirteenth and final instalment to the Strategic Wargmes series. The game revolves around European imperialism and colonialism of India, in which six factions: British, French, Mogul, Sikhs, Gurkhas and Marathas fight to gain overall control of India.

The game contains elements of combat and arcade sequences, including traditional elephant racing and big-game hunting. The core of the gameplay is focused on strategy, in which the player must conquer all territories of India through diplomatic or offensive means. Champion of the Raj received mixed reviews upon release. Critics praised its colourful graphics and storyline; however strong criticism was directed at the game's constant use of disk swapping and long loading times.