Charon - Zhetan Chronicles [Act I] - (English) | Xbox One

Charon - Zhetan Chronicles [Act I] - (English)
Xbox One


They say that long ago the world was divided by the Great Chasm.

And while the World Above was at peace thanks to the rule and guidance of the gods, the Underworld fell under the wicked influence of the Dark One, who desired to conquer all of creation and thus began the great war of the gods.

In this neverending struggle there were many heroes forgotten by time.

This tale is about some of them who changed the world's fate forever...

The Characters:


Join 4 unlikely heroes on their journey through the land of "Zhetan" to put an end to a conspiracy hell bent on conquering the "land of the gods" for good.

  • Experience a compelling story
  • Fight exciting and strategic battles
  • Discover a world full of secrets


  • ATB Sideview Battle System
  • Sidequests, Fetchquests & Mobhunting
  • Crafting for Items, Weapons, Armours AND Abilities
  • Skill Levels
  • Bestiary
  • Action Menu for puzzle solving
  • Individual playing style for each hero
  • Treasures, secrets and optional locations to discover


  • Version 0.62: Coming 2020
  • Version 0.61a: 23.12.2019


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