Chest Artisan #GGJ20 | Xbox One

Chest Artisan #GGJ20
Xbox One

Are you getting used to receive a treasure chest with equipment in it once you beat a monster? Have you ever think of who supply all these items and repair every time you play an RPG game? In this game, you will have the chance you become the man/women who behind the warriors who repair the treasure chest and supply the items — Chest Artisan.


Game Design - Zheyuan Chen, Jiahui Hu, Zhizhou Yang, Xinyuan Xu

2D Art - Zheyuan Chen (Scenes, Characters & Icons), Xinyuan Xu (Icons)

Animations - Zheyuan Chen (Art), Jiahui Hu (Animating)

Programming - Jiahui Hu (Fundamental & Systems), Zhizhou Yang (Statistics)

Audio - Zhizhou Yang, Xinyuan Xu

Unity -  Zheyuan Chen, Jiahui Hu, Zhizhou Yang

 Music - Eric Skiff - Underclocked (underunderclocked mix) / Ascending - Resistor Anthems - Available at