Color Battleship | Xbox One

Color Battleship
Xbox One

-- -- -- Français -- -- --

Quoi ?
Color Battleship est un jeu de bataille navale basé sur les couleurs. L'intention était de questionner notre rapport aux couleurs et à la manière que nous avons de les identifier.

Quand ? Pourquoi ?
Ce jeu a été réalisé en mars 2017 à l'occasion d'une gamejam étudiante organisée au sein de l'EESI Poitiers.

Comment ?
Ce jeu nécessite deux ordinateurs contenant tout deux le jeu. Il n'a pas de fonction de jeu en ligne, tout se passe donc par la parole. Il est donc plus simple de l'installer sur deux ordinateurs portables mais libre à vous d'expérimenter de nouvelles façons de jouer.

Qui ?
Pierre Lévignat : concept, visuels
Ludovic Namin : concept, visuels, programmation, corrections.

-- -- -- English -- -- --

What ?
Color Battleship is a battleship game based on colors. The first intention was to question our relation to colors and how we identify them.

When ? Why ?
This was made in march 2017 during a gamejam at EESI (Poitiers, France)

How ? 
This game has to be installed on two devices. There is no online function so all the game will be played directly between the two players. It's more easy to install it on laptops, but you're free to explore new ways of playing.

Who ?
Pierre Lévignat : concept, visuals
Ludovic Namin : concept, visuals, programming and corrections.

-- Translated rules --

Start a game :
You have to put your 4 ships on the grid on the right :
- aircraft carrier (5 squares long)
- battleship (4 squares)
- cruiser (3 squares)
- destroyer (2 squares)

You can rotate your ships with the SPACE BAR.
You can play full screen by pushing the F button. (go back in screened mode with ESPCAPE)

Since your ships are placed, click the steering wheel on the left to validate your ship's positions. Then they will be locked.

The game begins ! The rules are the same than a regular battleship game, except the fact you have to describe colors instead of telling coordinates.
You'll see it's barely playable at first, but if you keep playing with the same person you'll get to build your own color languages and maybe get to the end of a game.

This game is obviously based on fair-play and fellowship, almost intimacy. 

Have fun ! ☼