Color Roller
Xbox 360

If the game does not start, try refreshing the page!
: [UP] to jump, [SPACEBAR] to change color

A little game created together with Romanovg185 in 9 hours for Trijam: The Ultimate Mega Extreme edition, the very first game jam for the both of us.

This was also the first time we have used Godot (bless tutorials). For the art, Aseprite was used. For the audio, we have used BeepBox and Bfxr. All assets, except for (all but 1 of the) fonts, were made by us within the allocated 9 hours.

=== THEMES ===
1) The End is Near
2) Mistakes Were Made
3) +1

=== THE LORE ===
(a very true story)

On  a sunny day, Mr. Blob decided to go hiking in the mountains to meet up with his good ol' friend Santa, when he suddenly slipped. Mistakes were made! Without any thumbs or limbs, how could Mr. Blob possibly keep himself from tumbling all the way down!? Along the way down, the many friends of Mr. Blob have left bars of +1, a popular snack in the mountains, of which there are two versions! If Mr. Blob eats it while he is the came color as the snack, it will replenish his energy. Otherwise... The end is nearer than you think! Luckily, Mr. Blob is an expert color-shifter, but beware! Shifting colors costs energy!

"But black and/or white are no colors!"
Here are some things to google: Vantablack and subtractive vs additive color theory (whether they are colors or not is inconsistent over different color systems)