Conways Game of Death | Xbox 360

Conways Game of Death
Xbox 360

Move with the Arrow Keys

Use the mouse for a fun treat on the Victory-Screen ;)

You've probably heard of Conway's Game of Life. If not, it's a simple simulation where any given cell of an array can be one of two possible states, "alive" or "dead". There are very few, very simple rules that govern these states. However, these simple rules often yield  wildly complex results. 

In this game, your goal is to avoid the live cells at all costs, and make your way to the target white cell. The theme for this Jam was "Evil is more fun". 

I've wanted to code GoL since learning about it, years ago at uni. It felt like a fun concept to play with, given the theme and the restriction of only having 3 hours to develop. 

Thank you for playing my game!