Crash Landed Gentry | Xbox 360

Crash Landed Gentry
Xbox 360

Made as part of Global Game Jam 2020 - TUD Aungier Street site. Base game that we submitted at the jam can be found here, this version of the game may have possible changes and additions to improve player experiences. 

Any feedback will be welcomed with open arms, we are learning and feedback and critique is very important.

Gentry, a mild mannered robot gentleman has found himself marooned on a hostile world. He must now use his ingenuity and vast resources to blaze a trail off this uncouth and uncivilized world, and back to the high life to which is accustomed to. 

You play as Gentry, and must explore this new and scary planet. Use your Charge Rifle to farm resources and collect precious minerals so you can repair your ship! Try not to run out of oxygen, or you'll be in trouble.


  • Ben O'Quigley - Concept Art & Asset Sketches
  • Vulcan Chertaraev - Lead Artist
  • Aaron Heraghty - Programmer & Sound Designer
  • Darragh Smith - Programmer
  • Evan Williams - Lead Programmer / Project Lead

Font Used - Park Lane (

Thank you to Basil Lim and the Unity Emabssadors and student helpers who helped  organize and run the event.