Crashing Down | Xbox One

Crashing Down
Xbox One

Crashing Down is a mixture of many genres in the best way to explain it is as an adventure survival game where your goal is to complete the objective fast as possible. 

The game follows the idea of Xenoblade2's old titans where they are a home for people who live on them, however in this universe the people have all disappeared and our hero is reminiscing of all their memories with the people they once knew fondly of.

Cool facts
- All SFX (Excluding BGM) is all acapella done by yours truly.
- Completely playable and finish-able in either first-person or third-person
- There is 14 Memories to find can you find them all?
- Not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

GameJam Submission

This game is a submission for the [email protected] Semester 4 game jam, I have submitted the game 10min before the deadline however there was a server time error and I'm trying to get it sorted out, The game jam's themes were Falling Down and Apocalyptic, the time we were allocated for the jam was 72hrs from the start to end,  Although this game doesn't have many elements relating such i do hope people see the connection with the story and the themes as they do die in very well with the theme i find.

Please feel free to leave any feedback in the respective forum page for this game as i am always happy to improve on past works and i think this game can grow into something much more.

Basic Controls 

WASD - Move
Space - Jump

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

- Yes it is a turtle