Crime & Pixels | Xbox One

Crime & Pixels
Xbox One

Crime & Pixels is a game where you have to solve murders. Every play will be different.


  • NPCs are randomly generated (here an example of 5 random characters)
  • Deduce who is the murderer by the clues you find (an hair, a piece of cloth, a weapon...)
  • 4 difficulties
    • Praticte (Unlimited time)
    • Easy (6 minutes to solve the case)
    • Normal (4 minutes)
    • Hard (2 mintues)
  • Currently there is only one scenario/map (more to come...)

How to play:

  • wasd or arrow keys: move
  • E: interact
  • P: pause game
  • I: open inventory
  • O: open suspects list
  • left mouse click: close dialog

Coming soon (this may take some time, I'm a student and I don't have a lot of free time :( ):

  • More maps
  • Serial killer mode (more than one victim! Find the killerbefore too many people die)
  • Open to suggestions