Xbox One

Switch between a Rabbit and a Person as you use carrot bombs to knock your opponent out and get knocked out yourself in this party-style battle game.
This simple minigame was created using Pixel Game Maker MV, which allows anyone to create their very own original action games with ease.Game Features
  • Enjoy action-packed, timed multiplayer battles with up to 4 players!
  • Take the fight across a multitude of stages with a wide variety of gimmicks and tricks!
  • An excellent example of what Pixel Game Maker MV can do with multiplay!
※Controller Required!
※Multiplayer Only!ControlsRabbit
  • A button: Jump
  • X button: + Left/Right key: Run
  • RB (while running): Slide kick
  • Down key + X button: Bomb
  • RB (in air): Dodge
  • A button against wall (in air): Wall jump

  • A button: Jump
  • A button (in air): Double jump
  • X button: Bomb
  • Down key + X button: Bomb
  • Up key + X button: Bomb
  • X button (in air): Bomb
  • RB (in air): Dodge