CrossOverLoad | Xbox One

Xbox One

Ouch! Who knew it would be that dangerous trying to fix this uncontrolled energy barrier that spontaneously formed in the center of the control room. While the accident left your mind as one, it seems you now have two separate bodies to control… well, isn’t that strange! Anyways, now you, which means “both” of you, have to prevent things from overloading completely. You better start frantically moving around to stop these hazards from spreading! Maybe you can even use the barrier to charge these cool little discs. Try throwing one… and also catching it on the other side. It’s all on you now!

CrossOverLoad is a cooperative single-player game about multitasking. You not only have to stay on top of two playing fields and their randomly generated hazards, but also juggle powerups between both your avatars. Should you manage to collaborate with yourself, you can make stylish plays and even bring your other half back from the dead sometimes.

Fabian Fischer created the game in homage to “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”, or more specifically to put a mechanical spin on the concept of controlling two characters at once.