CRYENGINE - Sample Assets
Xbox One

The CRYENGINE Sample Assets is a Free DLC package containing several example source files in either Max or Maya format which can be used for learning how to get the most out of your assets and utilize the built-in tech and tools in CRYENGINE.

CRYENGINE subscribers can use these Sample Assets for their own game projects, though we encourage you to create your own assets to give your game a unique look all of its own!

DCC denotes the Digital Content Creation tool for which there are source files included.

Included Assets (June 2014)


  • Objects\characters\animals\amphibians\toad: Example Boid asset setup. DCC: Maya
  • Objects\characters\human\generic: SDK Skeleton rig setup. DCC: Max
  • Objects\characters\human\sdk_player: SDK Character model setup. DCC: Max

Natural Objects:
  • Objects\natural\bushes\hangingvegetation: Merged mesh vegetation (brush). DCC: Max/Maya
  • Objects\natural\ground\field_grass: Merged mesh vegetation. DCC: Maya
  • Objects\natural\ground\forestgrass: Merged mesh vegetation. DCC: Max/Maya
  • Objects\natural\trees\aspen: Breakable trees. DCC: Max
  • Objects\natural\trees\pine: Trees of varied styles. DCC: Maya
  • Objects\natural\water\water_foam: Foam brushes for rivers. DCC: Max

  • Objects\props\misc\breakable_glass: Breakable glass. DCC: Max
  • Objects\props\misc\cloth: Cloth. DCC: Max/Maya
  • Objects\props\misc\jointed_breakable: Jointed breakable. DCC: Max/Maya
  • Objects\props\misc\wind_turbine: Animated static object. DCC: Max

  • Objects\vehicles\abrams: Abrams Tank tracked vehicle. DCC: Max/Maya
  • Objects\vehicles\hmmwv: HMMWV 4-wheel vehicle. DCC: Max/Maya
  • Objects\vehicles\mh60_blackhawk: MH60_Blackhawk Helicopter. DCC: Max

  • Objects\weapons\attachments\pistol_magazine: Magazine attachment for Pistol. DCC: Max
  • Objects\weapons\attachments\rifle_magazine: Magazine attachment for Rifle. DCC: Max
  • Objects\weapons\pistol: Pistol weapon asset. DCC: Max
  • Objects\weapons\rifle: Rifle weapon asset. DCC: Max