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Crystal Ball
Xbox One

Thank you for visiting this page! Unfortunately this is not the full version of the game yet. This is just a prototype, but the development is not finish. Please wait next version.

This project is analog game "Balance" with my features.  I started to do  this project with a video course from I was interested in this project and I continued to implement it. I still have a lot of ideas that I want to add to this project, but for the moment, please tell me how physics works or if there are any problems and what ideas you can add to this game. If you have the opportunity, make me a company. Unfortunately, I cannot be for everyone: for the designer, for the programmer, etc. I don't know how to draw or create models very well. I can create the best programming logic for the game. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would like to join my project!

I chose Unreal Engine for this game because it has more features than Unity and in my opinion, it is much simpler. But there was one problem. I can't learn how to create level prototypes with the built-in feature in Unreal. It does not have the one opportunity I need. This problem is solved when you buy an asset for Unreal. You can look at this link. But unfortunately I don't have the money right now to buy it. Please help as much as you can. Thank you very much!

If you found a bug in the game, have any ideas about new features or want to make me a company, please post to discussion. If someone is interested in what will be the next features in the game, then go for this link