Cubes In Danger 3 (Robert Dolega) (Robert Dolega) | Xbox One

Cubes In Danger 3 (Robert Dolega) (Robert Dolega)
Xbox One

In Cubes In Danger 3 you are a cube. You can go everywhere and collect everything but you must avoid the spikes. Be careful! The board never stops. Don't stop too!

Just imagine how funny it must be! - You and your friend trying to survive longer than the other. Sounds great? Good. Because that's the point. Stay alive longer!

Enjoy new unpredictable traps and amazing challenges!

Feel the music! 10 breathtaking soundtracks for 10 wonderful levels!

Choose your skin! Yep, you've heard me! Pick your favourite and prove what you can!

Go go go! The further you are, the game is harder!


  • WASD - Left player
  • Arrows - Right player
  • [Spacebar] - Speeding
  • [M] - Mute music (while choosing a skin)


  1. Speeding is not for free. Remember! As long as it is in use, both of you will lose 10 coins per second!
  2. Dont' touch the spikes! Don't touch red spikes especially! Every time you touch white spike, you lose one life. The one who touch red spikes lost the game!
  3. Collect coins and diamonds to get new life!
  4. Collect gold keys to open the portal!