Cursed Forest | Xbox One

Cursed Forest
Xbox One

Cursed Forest is a Sokoban game with a fantasy look. 

You play as the prince of the kingdom of Vallasea. After your kingdom has been cursed it is up to you to enter the cursed forest to find the artifact that can save the kingdom.

In classic Sokoban-style you have to move items, in this case pots, to the right place if you want to beat the level.

The game can be controlled with cursor keys and enter, but Joypads/Controllers should work, too

. Push those into


      Talk to this statue to restart the level or exit the game

  Get rid of locked doors with a key

This game was made with OGA assets for the The Fall All-OGA Game Jam! 2019


Zoria Tileset - By DragonDePlatino
CC-BY 4.0
* Tileset was resized, colors and some sprites have
been changed
Music Tracks Amber Forest, Snowy Cottage, Culvert and
Underground - By TAD
CC-BY 4.0
* Tracks have been converted to .ogg
Sound "dooropen(fanfare)" - by crazyduckgames
CC-BY 4.0
Font Alagard from Pixel fonts by Pix3M - by Pix3M
CC-BY 3.0
Title Music "Mars" from NES Shooter Music (5 tracks, 3 jingles) - By SketchyLogic
* Music has been converted to .ogg
Sound Effects key01, select, select02 from Sound Pack
02 - By crazyduckgames
Castle Picture - by Duane Hoyt
CC-BY 3.0
Story Music 8bit Adventure - by CodeManu
CC-BY 3.0
* Music has been converted to .ogg
End Scene music "Grassy World Overture (8bit/
Orchestral) - By Matthew Pablo
CC-BY 3.0
* Music has been converted to .ogg