Cycle (轮回)
Xbox One

Game ForewordThe so-called "cycle" encompasses life and death, companionship, joy and suffering, even retribution.
But these statements are just self-deception.
Does the person with good intentions really get what he deserves?
Does the miscreant ever get justly punished?
You may find beauty in the light of the real world, as filth resides in the darkness: It's just a matter of your perspective.
No matter which you choose, the light or the darkness, from beginning to end, the outcome is of your own doing.
When you press the "start button" of life, please remember that everything is part of the "Cycle."Plot SummaryThe game's protagonist, Liya, works as an actor after a difficult phase of his life begins a quest for fame. But while facing a variety of new people and obstacles, can he change his rebellious nature and become a famous star? Or will he become an unknown newcomer who is a stepping stone for others? Or does he find his love and have a romance? Or will his girlfriend leave him, despite his tears streaming down his face?

Under the scrutiny of his ex-girlfriend, what is Liya's fate?Author's Note(1) Version 1.0 of the game was developed solely by myself and contains no voice or special effects. As sales improves, Yaka will provide continued support with suggestions from community feedback until the game achieves perfection.

(2) Currently, the game is playable for two months. Although the game's protagonist will not be sick because of overstrain, but please do not ignore it. Otherwise, you won't see anything else.

(3) Yaka values community feedback and suggestions which will be given high priority in progress towards game version 2.0.At present, the development of this game is relatively low, before the purchase can refer to the discussion area of the stickers.