Cyrano Story

Solve challenging enigmas to uncover the mysteries on board the Cyrano spaceship.

As the Invictus base faces eldritch horrors, the unaware relief crew aboard the Cyrano spaceship begins to experience strange symptoms on its approach to Mars. As the Orochi employees get closer to the red planet and its twin moons, insanity starts creeping into their minds.

Thanks to the personal audio logs of Dr. Olivia Mason, Navigation Specialist for the Cyrano, we gain insight into the evolution of the team members’ daily tasks, struggles and state of mind while on their journey. All the while, descending into a black hole of knowledge and torment because of the hold the planet and its secrets have on the team’s sanity.

To live the experience and access these confidential logs, players must interact with an unknown force and feed it answers to unlock and understand Dr. Mason’s take on the events. The mysterious force’s voice and eerie reactions will guide the player to true cosmic wisdom, or infinite madness...

A game that learns your fears and may offer you a prize in return.

Born from an Alternate Reality Game experiment in Google AI, Cyrano Story is a short and complex puzzle game created by Alice & Smith which reveals insight into the backstory of Funcom’s cosmic horror game, Moons of Madness.

This permanent ARG will require you to research images and clues online, and test your knowledge of historical culture to find relevant information and keywords to progress. Everyone who completes the final puzzle will have a random chance of receiving a free Steam key for Moons of Madness.

Originally created as a transmedia campaign to promote the release of Moons of Madness, featuring a live event in Berlin and interactive online community events, the game has since been enhanced with more puzzles and new content to replace the live elements. For hints and help, reach out to the Cyrano Story community on Discord or visit the Game Detectives walkthrough of the original ARG.