Dark Strolls | Xbox One

Dark Strolls
Xbox One

Tricky jumps and dangerous lava greet you on this adventure through the wild workings of an ancient world. Awaiting you at the top are riches beyond your imagination.

Lucky for you your mech suit is powerful and maneuverable. The bad news is that due to your unique "repairs" the breaks are broken.

But, you've been through worse scrapes than this, and it's not like it's THAT much lava.

Dark Strolls is a take on the auto running genre by merging it with modern design sensibilities from Dark Souls. You are challenged to position yourself and execute your jumps to get through the stage and get as many orbs as possible on your way to the top to claim your riches.

Along the way are surprises and secrets that will make each run unique as you learn the layout of these mysterious ruins.


  • A challenging, yet fun run through an ancient ruin full of dangers and secrets
  • Local leaderboard to keep track of high scores
  • Accessible and intuitive controls
  • AAA art assets taken straight from Epic's Paragon and Infinity Blade titles (don't worry, they gave them away)

Dark Strolls is the work of one developer who "just wanted to complete something for the first time in a decade" and started working on something he considered a simple project of an auto-runner with a specifically designed stage instead of a randomly generated path. What this resulted in is a challenging platformer that seems to take inspiration from the design of games like Dark Souls, where repetitive attempts of a difficult challenge creates familiarity but still allows for an interesting challenge and unique experiences.

While Dark Strolls is now considered "done" and no future updates are planned, if it gets enough attention there are ideas for updates such as:

Stretch Update Goals

  • Boost Dash: Get through the empty areas a bit faster. But be careful, you can't control yourself or turn it off until it needs to recharge.
  • Improvement to auto-turning: It's kind of hacked in from early development and needs to be remade to make it feel less janky.
  • Online Leaderboard?: Do people actually want this?
  • Ports: Maybe people want to play on Linux, or Android.
  • Various bug fixes: Very little testing was done and bugs are abound
Message from the developer

At this point in time I'm eager to move on to new projects and feel satisfied with calling Dark Strolls completed.

Dark Strolls is available free of charge to everyone. No money will ever be asked for the game, as it was always meant to be a learning experience and not a product I'd ask money for.

Plans for future projects are already underway!