DeadSector (DeadSector) | Xbox One

DeadSector (DeadSector)
Xbox One

Dead Sector is an immersive souls-like which plays in a dystopian future. Humanity is dependent on a mysterious energy to survive. Enter the depths of the Dead Sector and find out why more and more underground sectors lose contact with the surface. Fight against mysterious creatures and use their life energy to charge your equipment.

Important Note:
Some GPUs are not compatible with the experimental "Blood-Texture" feature.
Press the "B" on you Keyboard to disable it, if you experience frame drops or crashes on Attacks. (Version 0.695) 


Controls in DEAD SECTOR? 
The Demo is optimized for the XBox Gamepad, but you can use the following Keys if you prefer to the Mouse and Keyboard.

W,A,S,D = Movement
LMB = Light Attack, 
RMB = Heavy Attack 
R = Recharge Health (require one E-Cell)
Space = dodge
Tab = Lock-On Enem
Q or E switch between Targets
Ctrl (hold) = Run
i = Invert Camera-Y-Axis
= disable experimental Blood-Texture on the Enemies 

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or better.
GPU: GeForce 970 Series or better.

RAM: 4 GB. HDD: 7 GB

Artjom Fransen - Game Director, Game Design, Animation, Level Design & UI
Charly Preisig - Programming, VFX & UI 
Valentin Fischer - Conceptart, Texturing, Modeling & Rigging 
Fabian Deiss - Sound 
Niklas Wienböker - Music 

[email protected]