Defrost | Xbox 360

Xbox 360

This is my first game, made for the My First Game Jam: Winter 2020. I used Construct 2 Free Version engine, and made the pixel art using Aseprite, and all the songs are downloaded from Freesound. The theme of the Game Jam is "Cold", so I started with an ideia of a horror game (genre I like most), but how Construct 2 Free Version has a 100 events limit, it is almost impossible (once I had all the animation done in the engine). But how I wanted to finish something, it became a survival game (or almost that lol). I spent around 15\18 hours on it, and I think it's acceptable. I don't have enough money to buy a Construct licence right now, so I will keep trying to make some short games for fun and learning. It was a great challenge, maybe I will fix some bug and stuff in next days. I intended to add cutscenes, but I couldn't because of the events limit, so the story information and stuff are all here. :)


A W D S - Move
E - Interact


- Collect firewood to keep the fire burning.
- Find an object on the map to destroy the tree that is blocking the acess to the boat.
- After finding the object, defrost it by placing it near the campfire. After defrosting, you can use the item.

Extra info:

- English is not my native language, so some mistakes may appear (pretend you didn't see lol).