Delivair | Xbox One

Xbox One

You are the ancient artifact formerly know as the SEEDER, the most capable deliverer in this BINARY FIELD RAIL GARDEN and probably the last remaining unit..

Your instructions are to not leave any open gaps behind, droping FIXING SEEDS at any and every field detected.

Every mistake will generate an RECOIL EFFECT leaving you closer to deactivation.

You are equipped with a TRIATIC CORE, that provides you an endless supply of seeds, in addition it gives your hull a bulky constitution capable of holding damage from 3 Recoils, that is way more mistakes than any Seeder could ever commit, right?

Dispatch the seeds and fix all gaps. For every piece of ground out there you will be delivering the right (or left) seed!


. Clear crisp minimalist and colorful graphics ;

. Unobtrusive menus, jump fast into action ;

. Highly replayable skill-based gameplay ;

. Simple controls;

. Endless score-based gameplay challenge;

. Play on the go, play at home. Buying this Android game you get a PC version as a bonus!