[DEMO] Arrow Up! | Xbox One

[DEMO] Arrow Up!
Xbox One

Since I ran out of time to put this stuff in-game, here's the backstory:

Dexter is a promising young archer who dreams of becoming a warrior. Unfortunately, the clan he comes from is a very strict one: all members of the clan are expected to marry by the time they turn 18. If they do not, they are expelled from the village and are not welcome back until they have returned with a spouse.

Dexter, who is aromantic, dreads the thought. He has never felt close enough to anyone to even consider marrying them, much less pretending to be in a relationship just to appease his community. As such, he has spent the last few years training to survive on his own, counting down the days until he will be forced to say goodbye to his friends and family.

However, on the eve of his 18th birthday, Dexter gets a surprise visit from the clan's chief warrior. The chief, unwilling to let Dexter's talent go to waste (or worse, to a rival clan), strikes a deal with him: Dexter will be allowed the unprecedented privilege of staying in the village without a spouse... if he can perform a courageous act of service to prove his loyalty to the clan. Dexter agrees, and immediately sets out on his assigned mission: retrieving a rare flower that only grows near the peak of a dangerous mountain.

Still, a few questions linger in Dexter's mind. Why is this flower so important to the clan? Also, even if he succeeds, will Dexter's clan really accept him for who he is? The only way to find out is up.