De'Vine: World of Shadows
Xbox One

  • The Ancients were beings of enormous power each created on their own accord. Negative energy that lies dormant for too long within varying dimensions finds a host and thereby creating an ancient.
    These Ancients threatened both Heaven and Hell. For the first and only time in all existance, Angels and Demons came together to create a trinket so strong that they only allowed those with human blood to possess it.
  • That is when Amos, being obsessed with the Ancients, created a blood ritual and had 2 sons of his own. Both half-demon and half-human. They were able to wield this powerful amulet and do his bidding to seal the Ancients.
    But alas, Amos' plan to sacrifice Kuan was revealed and instead Chung gave his own life to save him. Nevertheless a portal was opened to the mortal realm and an invasion of demons scourged the land.
  • 1000 years later, Kuan awoke from his sealed prison after Master Sage Tenoch's seal shattered. Priestess Audie and Master Sage Oat quickly but with great caution take him in and hope that he can be the new "Hero" of this age.
    For just as it does every 1000 years, Lucifer sends an invasion of demons to try and reclaim the mortal realm as a stepping stone to Heaven.
  • From here on, it is up to Kuan to stop the invasion and put an end to malevolence once and for all!

  • Fast paced battle system with over 20 playable characters. All having their own sets of skills and classes.
  • Not turn-based. React quickly with 6 preset skills that are hotkeys into your controller or keyboard. 1-6... 6 being alchemy bag for all characters.
  • No resources aside from TP which only parents one ultimate skill. The other 4 are all situational. So think before you act!!!
  • Customize your character by changing their class, a well balanced equipment system with major perks for all big 3 armor types, flasks to increase parameters.
  • Armor system has varying potentials. For example, any class can wear any armor. Give your DPS heavy armor to keep them alive longer in combat!
  • Buffs mean everything. Without them hard difficulties are essentially impossible.
  • 4 Difficulty settings.
  • Random encounters... They can be turned completely OFF. Aside from dungeons and even then they are limited to 2-3 per floor.

  • Collect essences from rare versions of World Map monsters.
  • Forge the essences into cards using the Cardcrafting station in your Headquarters.
  • Take those said cards into a one of hundreds of card battles throughout the land.
  • Select up to 7 cards per battle. With a limiting power of 25. Better quality cards use MORE power.
  • Defeat 7 Card Hubs throughout the world to face up against the Card Champions in Tarn.
  • Rewards after each victory and the NPC's even talk smack during the battle!

  • Till the land anywhere in farm area of your Headquarters.
  • 30+ different crops to plant! Water them and watch them grow. Will take patience... Of course.
  • Excellent yield that can make you quite a bit of mula!
  • A chicken coop where you can raise chickens. Get Eggs or if the ratio is right, get more hens and roosters!
  • A livestock farm where you can raise cows and sheep! Get wool or milk, and again, if the ratio is right more animals!