Dim's Sorrows (Original Concept) | Xbox One

Dim's Sorrows (Original Concept)
Xbox One

Before Reading

A friend of my named, Susul, decided to take a spin on this original concept into Unity! Which can be seen here with some drawn pixelated sprites by me!


I'm also thinking of recreating this game in Godot, but like, I'm still learning at it!

Story So Far...

This game is about a Coalkin, a lump of coal that can only Move, Feel, See, and Combust into Flames. His name is Dim who recently received the "Heart of Breeze". Because of this, he must go to the down to the Earth's core to prevent the planet from exploding. with Whimsal guiding him with his journey. However, if he reaches his goal, he must die and sacrifice his life with the "Heart of Breeze". Leaving Dim in sorrows...

Controls. ZJumpXFlame/Combust (Increase in Tempt and as well movement)
Arrow Keys
Movement Also!

If reached to a certain temperature, Dim, will "explode" or just die. Getting hit by enemies and flaming orbs will increase his temperature too.

Additional Notes!!

Hello! This is a game of my is still working in progress and has some bugs in it. The game itself is incredibly short as it's a school project. Sometimes, the character may go off-screen, you may press "9" in your keyboard which hopefully reset your position.

I'm not adding anymore content, currently just resolving some bugs, and polishing up  the gameplay.

This is my first time publishing a game, please give me feedback on this and how I'm doing this. Thanks!