Distant castle | Xbox One

Distant castle
Xbox One

This is a stand-alone puzzle adventure game with shooting and action elements.

Game, you have been transferred to a castle, the castle is chaos, use your wisdom to find your stuff, crack the levels in the castle, beat the final boss, finally win the game.
Start your castle adventure.
Note: the game is 6 minutes a day, and the game has two endings. It takes about an hour and a half to complete the game, and can switch between the first-person and third-person perspective.
ps :
When music sounds, you stay at the piano until the end of the song and you will find the crystal.
You can use some additional features after you have a mask.(e.q.1.2.key)
Remember to turn on the light at night.

2018.5.14 update
A second version has been updated to fix most bugs.
Storage bugs have been fixed (replaced with automatic archiving).
Because I like it very much, I will not adjust the night brightness of the game, as well as the special effects.
After death you become a ghost, so you only die once.
For my graduation trip,I want to transfer this game for money (5000 is ok).