Dive (itch) (James O'Connell) | Xbox One

Dive (itch) (James O'Connell)
Xbox One

Four rival companies discover a crack in the ocean floor!

Each player must descend to the deepest depths if they want to find all the gold that has been lost through years of shipwrecks.

Armed with only a small knife for close range and a harpoon for long range encounters, you'll have to fight off any dangerous sea creatures that see you as their next meal.

Always be aware of the rival companies as they may decide to turn on you, take you out and steal all the gold you've collected, there are no witnesses this deep.


You'll be using gravity to descend but as you are all divers and underwater it's slower then usual. 

Left and right on the analog stick for movement. the swim button is for ascending. 

The knife and harpoon buttons are for defending yourself... or attacking others of course. 

The speed button temporarily boost your character by making them swim faster however, this causes them to breath more rapidly too which sacrifices a small amount of oxygen.


James O'Connell - Programming/Art/Animating

Peter Hainsworth - Programming/Art/Sound

Wesley Habbershaw - Programming/Art

Ethan Martin - Art