Doctor Dinoaur's Marvelous Neon Adventure To Planet Christmas In Order To Kill Santa Clause | Xbox One

Doctor Dinoaur's Marvelous Neon Adventure To Planet Christmas In Order To Kill Santa Clause
Xbox One

Doctor Dinosaur was the smartest dinosaur, where he used his advanced intellect to build a time-machine. Using this machine, he travelled to our time to find how advanced dinosaur society has thrived and expanded upon his ideas.

To his dismay, he appears December 25th in Ottowa, Canada where not only were dinosaurs killed off long ago for undisclosed reasons, Doctor Dinosaur sees that there was a large man celebrated on this day, adorned in the red of his enemies' blood, the harbinger of the dinosaurs' end times.

With this information, Doctor Dinosaur knows what he must do.
Doctor Dinosaur must travel to Planet Christmas to kill Santa Claus.
With a gun.

There he takes a new girl named Megatron and embarks on a mission of vengeance. And hopefully it doesn't end on Planet Christmas.

He get all twisted up on Transtector which turns everything neon and decide to do a game of tug-of-war by hiding them from Santa's toys in a Christmas tree. Suddenly and unexpectedly they encounter a portal that transports them to an alternate dimension of space and time where they see a holiday scene playing on a giant Christmas tree and play Santa.

The time is now.


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This game is played out in a mirror with both players being you with your friend alternating actions of moving on the map and attacking your opponent's bases. At the end of this game there are two teams of 5 players with two players in each base, both in pairs. These two bases are outside the game's 24-hour timeframe which requires those who win to be fast and have a long supply line. The order to open the new bases is as follows: 1. First player to build a ghost gate, then production buildings. 2. Second player to open up the first base
- Thurlow Weed, Brave New World This game is now afterthoughts, as Nintendo opted to go with 3DS support instead, despite having numerous titles available through traditional avenues that could be played on a 3DS, such as Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. So why was the decision made to take this bold step through subverting expectations into post-modernist exploration rather than meta-modern ethical questioning? My guess is the funds ran out.
- Stephanie Olson , VICE How do I even describe Doctor Dinosaur's Marvelous Neon Adventure To Planet Christmas In Order To Kill Santa Claus? If this isn't like something you've seen on "Batman." After a bit of internet drama and high praise (my readers, may I kindly ask you to drop some knowledge in your guillotine?), Doctor Dinosaur released a detailed one-sheet describing his own creative process. In this a-to-z of his very unique masterpiece, he describes in heart-racing detail the process of creating the book, sharing the characteristics that drive his unique artistic vision.
Doctor Dinosaur.
-  Clarkey, Stuff 'N Things Weekly


Programming - Clarkey & WyldWolf
Art & Audio - Tidohuki

Ident SFX from FreeSound

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