Xbox One


A game created for the Yogscast Game Jam.

Doncon Crawler is a local co-op dungeon crawling game where you fight your way through levels to battle against the mighty Doncon.

Theme: Giving

The gameplay is built on giving your dice to enemies & even your teammates. Throw the dice and when it lands, it will be rerolled into one of the numbers on the character’s dice. The number displayed is how much damage you deal to enemies when you give them your dice. Sharing is caring, so you are able to give other players your dice by throwing or dropping it to them.

Sometimes enemies will be wrapped up in the festive spirit, and give each other the dice to cause extra damage. Once they are done, they may give the dice back to you, or maybe just throw it away.

If you are out of health, run into an ally and they will give you an early holiday present. 


Play as characters definitely ‘not’ based on Yogscast members. Each character has a different character dice, that they start with, which have different numbers. Feel free to share them with your allies though!

You will need to defeat all the enemies in the level to spawn the teleporter to the next level. Proceed through several levels to get to Doncon, who will be your final opponent...


Console (X-Box)

Movement:           Left Thumbstick

Pick-up/Drop:    A

Throw:                     B

Menu:                      Start

Back(Menu):         B


Movement:             WASD

Pick-up/Drop:       Z

Throw:                        X

Menu:                         Enter

Back(Menu):           B