Donjon Defense | Xbox One

Donjon Defense
Xbox One

Donjon Defense is a game in the genre of tower defense. In this case, defense of the castle, consisting of... only one tower. Build walls, hire different warriors, resist attacks. Build a real fortress, hardened in countless assaults.

Two game modes
Expansion – this game mode is similar to a sandbox. Here you can endlessly build and improve your castle, fighting off attacks provoked by the expansion of your castle. In this mode, you will receive the bulk of the reward from the protected villages, as well as from victories in the Siege mode.
Siege – this mode is more like a classic defense. You have to withstand 10 waves of attack, each of which begins in its time. In this mode, you receive rewards only for destroying mobs. If you win, all the gold you will not spend will be transferred to your treasury in Expansion mode.

Five types of units that will help protect your Donjon and six types of hostile mobs. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses, which makes them excellent in one situation and helpless in the other.

You can build a castle from parts of walls, merlons and roofs, by a character that can only move on the castle walls.