Don't Drag Me Daddy | Xbox One

Don't Drag Me Daddy
Xbox One

Don't Drag Me Daddy is  a short platformer in which Ol' Satan's gotta  institute some  corporal punishment on their kid in order to drag them back to bed. However, it won't be so easy as the soul of Satan's kid has a way with finagling their body out of their daddy's grip. 

Play as the Devil to stop your kid from escaping Hell and prevent another awkward phone call from the big man upstairs.

The game was originally developed for Dallas Society of Play's Spoopy Jam 2019.

It now features great music by Komiku  and several randomly generated platforming elements.

Debug Controls: 

Shift+[Esc] to Quit Game

Shift+[F] to toggle Fullscreen 

I recommend  using windowed mode for higher resolution screens. There's some heavy sluggish performance with 4K resolutions due to issues with the shader that's outside of my wheelhouse as of publishing this.