Don't touch my food TD | Xbox 360

Don't touch my food TD
Xbox 360

I have developed this game for the Yogscast Game Jam in 48 hours. The Assets are mainly from Craftpix. My husband helped me with the balancing, play testing and searching for sounds. All code is written by me.

Future development

The game is planned as a multiplayer game. Each player does not send the mobs to himself, but to his opponent. Within the Game Jam it was not possible to implement it that way. Please let me know if you like the game and want me to develop it further! If I get enough feedback, I will develop this game further. 

If you have any ideas, wishes or criticism, just write me! I would love it, to hear from you =)

I also have a game in the Playstore and in the Appstore! Play Poker TD here:
Get the full version for Android here: Play Store
Get the full version for iOS here: App Store
Or here ot itch: Poker TD on itch