Douche Bag | Xbox One

Douche Bag
Xbox One

The leprechaun Douсhe is of Irish descent. Like all the decent Irish leprechauns, they have their own wine cellar filled to the top with wine.

Once sitting in front of the fireplace, slowly scoring into the tube a new tobacco, hears the thunder of breaking glass. Douсhe reluctantly descends into his cellar and sees that the rotten shelves could not stand the weight of the bottles of wine and collapsed. All the bottles of wine crashed.

Holding back tears, Douсhe takes his old bag, which he used to collect the coins lost lost by people.

The leprechaun is put forward into a dangerous path, to gather gold, and again fill your cellar with wine.

★ Crazy difficulty level
★ Carefully choose each step, nothing more difficult you did not come across, you'll have to go through hell
★ Each monster is different, some are lazy, some are strong, and some are perverts
★ Everything is procedurally generated, a huge world with many unique levels
★ Easy intuitive control
Up, down, left, right - Arrows
Jump - Z
Menu, Exit - P
Action - Enter