Dr Dad's home for disposable clones | Xbox One

Dr Dad's home for disposable clones
Xbox One

Dr Dad’s Home
for Disposable Clones is a Looney Tunes inspired VR heist game.

It combines a unique swinging mechanic inspired by Spiderman 2 for the PS2, but, in 1st person VR, with the puzzles, pacing and humour inspired by Portal to create a gaming experience like no other.

Every level is an elaborate bank heist where the player must swing, pull, climb and ski around the bank’s vault all while avoiding life threatening hazards, solving puzzles creatively with the objective to get in, grab the loot and get out!

As the project could not find interest with investors, it has been abandoned.

This is the demo that was shown at EGX 2018 where it was participating as finalist in the Transfuzer competition.

We hope you enjoy this short adventure and that it leaves you with a few giggles!

A great review was given to us by the amazing peeps at The VR Realm: