Dragon Defender of Dungeons | Xbox One

Dragon Defender of Dungeons
Xbox One

Turn based game where you are a little D (which obviously stands for Dragon) and you must protect your Treasures from evil Enemies. Don't let them get to the Outside of the room with your treasures or it will be Game Over!

The Dragon has 3 stats:

  • Att (physical attack)
  • Def (physical defense)
  • Mag (magic attack)

You can upgrade these stats by getting coins. You get coins by killing Enemies. The more you kill, the more coins you get.

Some enemies are weak to physical attacks and others to magic, try attacking with both to see which one works better.

This game was made for the Text only jam.

Known issues:

On some occasions, an enemy may stand still and not move at all. Do not get next to it, as it will crash the game. If this happens, select the "Get new map" option. You will not lose any progress.