Drunk Wizards
Xbox One

Drunk Wizards combines the fluidity and skill of an arena shooter with the lighthearted fun of a party game. It's intense FFA arena with different spells.Collect "Magic" Ale to get more mana and use stronger magic.

Drunk Wizards is arena up to 4 players, providing immersive, fast-paced enemy fragging with different spells.0.MorphWhen tan out off mana you can save your life with Morph spell which turns enemy players into different object not allowing them to cast any spell.1.FrostboltFast ice attack which slos down enemy and dealing 35 dmg.2.Death CoilStrong dark magic spell, dealing 60 dmg. Has a chance to kill enemy with 1 strike.3.Ice WallCreates an ice wall for 2 second to protect you from enemy spells(does not affect ice magic).Upcoming spells:Mana shield(reduces incoming dmg in cost of mana point).
Ice trap (freezes an enemy to ground).
Restoration(restores full hp)
Fell free to suggest any new spells in steam community hub