Dungeneer [Bounty] | Xbox One

Dungeneer [Bounty]
Xbox One

The monsters have had enough! It's time for a revolution! They took over the dungeon, locked the doors and beat you up. You wake up in the lower levels of the dungeon, weaponless, with one mission: warn the Dungeon Master before it's too late.

In Dungeneer, you play as a dungeon janitor fighting for what is right. Take your broom, your bucket and your keys and smash your way to victory!


ALL PROCEEDS GO TO STUDENT GRANTS for Quebec's Conservatoire de musique du Québec (https://www.conservatoire.gouv.qc.ca/english/) students.

Since it all started by a silly project and awesome students that played LIVE orchestral music for the game, all proceeds go to encourage the next generation of composers and musicians.


2x 100+$

World record bounty.

On April 30th 2020, 23h59 EST the holders of the world records (fastest time) in these two categories will receive the bounty. Bounty starts at 100$ but increases by 1$ PER RUN SUBMITTED AND APPROVED TO https://www.speedrun.com (page to come) up to a maximum of 300$ per category. The categories are:

--100% Master Janitor single player (golden broom, blood bucket and splash spell) single segment

--100% Master Janitor couch-coop (golden broom, blood bucket and splash spell) single segment

This game was made years ago and it's my first complete and "big" game. When I first started it in... 2016? it was made with one intent in mind: make a complete game with 0$! ALL assets (excluding the main character and its weapons and the tracks composed and played by Quebec's Conservatoire de musique students) are either creative commons or public domain (mostly found on https://opengameart.org/ ). I didn't touch the game in like two years because of other projects, but now it's time to release it after some patches and do something with it since it's actually decent. Play it for free or donate to award grants to Quebec's Conservatoire de musique students and claim the world record!

PS: Request the game on https://www.speedrun.com  so it's officially added faster :)