Dungeon of Choices | Xbox One

Dungeon of Choices
Xbox One

This little game was developed on GDS Game Jam in 2019. It was also in the top 4 games from this Jam invited to Indie Expo at the GDS conference in the Czech Republic. Because the theme was "Meaningful Choices," the whole game is based around your choices and consequences of them. 

Dungeon of Choices is a short game based on old gamebooks. You are playing as a mighty knight who goes into the dungeon to get the holy grail. But your journey won't be easy. There's a lot of danger and traps on your way. Of course, not all of the things are bad, but be prepared for hard trials! The end of your adventure depends just on your decisions trough all playtime.

There are eight endings in total, some of them good some of them not. The whole point of this game is randomization and choices. The entire playthrough is randomized, so even we don't know what will you face on your adventure.

Just a small disclaimer, this is a very early build of our game, and updates are coming in the near future. Still, we would appreciate any feedback or review.