Dungeon Shopper | Xbox One

Dungeon Shopper
Xbox One

A short top-down shop management RPG inspired by Recettear. 

You play as Marcille, a monster who needs to make 800 coins to buy her wife a new ring after she was robbed--but she needs to propose in just 4 days, so she doesn't have much time!

Sell items to a variety of customers by figuring out their tastes through dialogue, or talk to the Goblin in his cave to get higher-quality items in the next day. Moderation is the key to success!

My first real game, created from the ground up. Please see the README for some known issues and workarounds--the game will not break, but there is some odd behavior here and there. 

Also, please give feedback if you can!  I would really love to expand this idea in the future, and any pointers you may have would be much appreciated.