Duolithos | Xbox One

Xbox One

"The ancient game! 

Duolithos is the oldest ancestor to various color games. Long before the crusades, even before the sumerians, Duolithos were played for fun and on hard times to train soldiers to endure any coming war. 

It is  a game of skill, concentration, timing and luck. 

Some say that versions of Duolithos were found in various parts of the world and are dated way back than 10.000 years! 

Modern rules where set down by Sir G.L. Noble some years ago but it's pretty much based on the original rules: catch balls of your color and avoid balls of the same color of your partner but both of you must do it together!"

Play on the go, play at home. Buying this Android game you get a PC version as a bonus! 


. Clear crisp minimalist and colorful graphics ;

. Unobtrusive menus, jump fast into action ;

. Highly replayable skill-based gameplay ;

. Simple controls (only 2 keyboard keys (PC version)) ;

. Endless score-based gameplay challenge!