Eastwood VR
Xbox One

EastwoodVR - is a wild west VR duel simulation game, where is the reaction and movement speed are very important.
Chill & fight in wild west saloon!
Compete in reaction speed with other guys and bandits! Kill or be killed!GAMEPLAY :You need to defeat worst guys on the whole wild west, to become the coolest cowboy ever! ( Every next bandit, got harder reaction & shooting skill )
This game improves your reaction abilities and accuracy!
Game has more then 10 different levels, with different enemies. Also there are few bonus levels.
You should go to duel spot, and wait until duel starts, then you must shoot your enemy as fast as possible!
Also there is a multiplayer mode, when you can compete with other players online!
Dive into the world of the wild west & Enjoy victories over your enemies!
Check out gameplay, on the video above!

-VR experience!
-Inverse Kinematics Motion capture
-Reaction competition
-Trading cards
-Bonus Levels
-Global Leaderboards statistics
-Wild West Atmosphere

Catch the moment!It's going to be hard but valuable adventure!