Echo Tokyo: Phoenix
Xbox One

Echo Tokyo - The last remnant of humanity exists in this cyber punk city of the future.

Take control of the young woman 'Hoshi' one of the rich debutantes in the cyber punk city, living in and enjoying the excesses of the Core. That is until she learns a dark secret about her father and decides to conduct a small experiment, one that will change her life forever.

A short intriguing story surrounding the character 'Hoshi',
  • Decisions that affect how the story unfolds.
  • Dark twists and turns for an exciting story arc.
  • Learn about the Core and those who reside there.
  • Uncover dark and hidden truths of Echo Tokyo.
Features: A Fully Voice-Acted Cast of Characters.

Optional: Uncensored Directors Edition is available as a free download.
- Adds more CG Scenes, Explicit Scenes, Dialogue AND Animated Scenes.
- See the Community Hub on release for more details.