EDEN (Missing Mountain) | Xbox One

EDEN (Missing Mountain)
Xbox One

"My resolve in returning here has all but faltered, but I must escape... while I still have the chance."

EDEN is a horror game unlike any other; rejecting the tired clichés of gore and jumpscares. Instead, everything is in service of the overall atmosphere: a surreal dreamscape that unravels the further one delves into it.

A cross between P.T. with Edith Finch and The Stanley Parable, the surreal experience of EDEN pushes the boundaries and delivers a unique take on the genre. Just what that entails, well... that's for you to discover.


  • Over an hour of branching gameplay
  • Multiple, unique endings
  • An ever-shifting environment that reacts to the player
  • Beautifully realised art style that forms the dreamscape
  • Subtle, environmental horror with strong visual design
  • Rich sound design that contributes to immersion
  • Fully diegetic - no UI and no "gamey" elements like timers or a healthbar
  • Cyclical narrative structure told through gameplay interactions and the environment

Developed over a few months by a six-person graduate team, EDEN is now available for you to play. Be wary, however, that once you enter its halls, you may not be able to escape. Welcome home.