Effigy (Redact Games) | Xbox One

Effigy (Redact Games)
Xbox One

Dear Brother/Sister,

I must be brief. I don't know if I'm even making sense. The moon called to me and now it has me.

The Second Moon of The Fourth Planet of Acclepsis. Please, brother/sister.

Please help. Please find me.

That's what the message said. It took days for the ship's computer to piece together the garbled mess and make sense of it. Only -- Acclepsis IV only has a single moon.

And you've never had a sister.

But the dreams wouldn't let up. You, too, felt a call.

Acclepsis System >> 3.62 Joula Remain Until Outer Ring Arrival

Your long sleep is restless and full of strange dreams.

Acclepsis IV >> Orbital Intercept In Progress

You wake, and something like déjà vu rolls over you as the planet comes in to view. What is this place that does not exist?

Acclepsis IV >> Anomalous Gravitational Event Detected

You draw closer, and there it is.

Manual Override >> Approach Vector Entered

EFFIGY is a fast-paced, exploration-heavy retro first-person shooter with a huge, interconnected world to explore. Descend into the labyrinthine depths of the Prison Colony of Acclepsis IV and battle the unearthly forces that have taken over the population.

Currently in early development with no announced release date. The public demo has just been released as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc Collection. Check out a work-in-progress early portion of the game: Two full levels, five weapons, two enemy types, and mysterious characters to chat up.