Eggway Dreams | Xbox 360

Eggway Dreams
Xbox 360

Peggy Eggyweg has decided to complete her egg collection. Only by exploring, helping others, and solving puzzles will she find the last 20 eggs.

Eggway Dreams was developed in Bitsy in the first half of January 2020 for the December 2019 Bitsy Jam. It's a little adventure game, but it's not as little as many other Bitsy games.

The game was inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Undertale, Zork, and Pokémon Blue Version along with fellow Bitsy games Hero to Zero and Crack the shell.

All art/design/writing/coding by EfreetEater/Richard Magnelli
except Bitsy hacks by Sean S. LeBlanc, mildmojo, and David Mowatt.