Ele-Mental! | Xbox One

Xbox One

Ele-Mental! is a game I produced in a Gamejam event at university. I worked with a friend who set up the elemental mechanics to make a truly unique 3D platformer. 

The game follows the "Relationship" theme by getting the player to explore different combinations of elemental properties and then combining them to give the main character new abilities.

The game plays like a typical platformer, except for the elemental combination mechanic. By pressing number keys on the keyboard, you can become an element, and gain it's properties. Press two number keys on the keyboard, and you can combine those elements. In example, pressing 1, 1 would make the player become fire. Pressing 2, 2 would add water, and therefore make the player become steam/gas.

It's an interesting concept and has a lot of potential.

Anyways, the soundtrack was fairly easy to make for this; heavily inspired by the classical easy jazz from games such as Worms 3D and Eets: Chowdown. I went for a cartoony vibe with this one, as the game would most appeal to a younger or more casual audience.
The soundtrack is available to listen to for free here:

I had fun working on this project and would definitely like to take this one further!
Joshua "JDSherbert" Herbert:
Lead Artist, Camera/Controller Programmer, Lighting + Particles. Audio, 3D Modelling, UI and Level Design, Concepts and  Animation.

Nathan Coxson:
Elemental Mechanics Programmer, Environmental Interactions.